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About Barmer

Barmer is one of the administrative districts of Rajasthan located in the western part of the state forming a part of the Thar Desert. Situated in south-west Rajasthan, Barmer shares borders with the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and Sindh in Pakistan.
Like all other districts in the desert region, Barmer is known for its folk music and dance. The Bhopas (priest singers) are found in Barmer, who composes music in honour of the deities of the region and its war heroes.
Barmer is known for its Jain temples and a small fortress overseeing the town. Known also for its handicrafts, Barmer is peppered with villages, specializing in different crafts. Applique motifs of trees, leaves, flowers, animals in hues of pink, red, green, black seek their inspiration in nature.

Dhanoo, a small town 40 km from Chooten, is well known for such craft. Shawls woven from local wool, a part of the traditional attire, are soon becoming a part of contemporary fashion in the metros.

Tourist Attractions in Barmer

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